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Dr. R. Ganapathi

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Author Details : Dr. R. Ganapathi

Volume : 1, Issue : 1, Year : 2014

Article Page : 42-56

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Stress is the single non-specific reaction of the body to a demand made upon it. Everyone experiences some form of stress or the other and in many cases, the stress or the adverse reaction, to the demand of the situation gets reduced with the passage of time or when one gets used to the situation. Organizational stress, resulting from the demands of the work environment is one such psychological situation. When a women entrepreneur’s gains experience and confidence in her work, the stress is bound to decline. It is also believed that training the employee in the proper method of doing the work reduces stress. However, the demanding nature of the job, the aging process, the ever increasing work pressure, the constant need to achieve the target, the peer pressure and unsympathetic higher ups are some of the factors which affect the psyche of the women entrepreneurs very much and affect her ability to perform. The professional women entrepreneurs are found to experience greatest amount of stress. Many factors contribute for the increasing stress level of these women entrepreneurs and an attempt is made in this study to analyze such causative factors.

Key words: Stress – Professional - Women Entrepreneurs - Causative factors and results.

How to cite : Ganapathi D R, IMPACT OF STRESS ON PROFESSIONAL WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS. J Manag Res Anal 2014;1(1):42-56

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